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Ancestral Science For Curing Ailments With Psychologists In Chennai

Astronomy is the study of space and especially, the planets and planetary motions.  It has numerous references and connotations in our Vedas where the space is called the “Brahmanda”.  It is from this, that our forefathers started the painstaking process of research on the planetary motions and positions using Vedic mathematics. And you have the science of astrology, which was and is used even to this modern day prevalently in all walks of life as a means of predictive tool for an individual.

Mr. Praveen Saanker have partnered in the painstaking research in identifying the best and most experienced of the astrologers and brought out materials on Vedic astrology in the form of books and training through their TATVAMASI centre.  Vedic Astrology Chennai  has some of the most researched and in-depth training programmes on all the basic astrology devices like Jyothisha,  hora, jatakas (making horoscopes), vastu sastra to mention a few.
The TATVAMASI  centre has some of the most educative tools available in Chennai to get trained in the science of Vedic astrology. The systematic education by the means of certification courses Chennai offers a way out for the common individual interested in astrology and astral science to adhere to a guided way for understanding the core concepts and waive off the doubts.

There exists a hoard of well-educated and trained psychologists in Chennai, whose services can be availed through some of the most recognized premium institutes, which are rich in their culture and traditions. The educated class in Chennai is on the upsurge, and this accounts for the growing need among the educated populace in searching for proven methods of alternative healing therapy like pranic healing, acupuncture, reiki and such healing therapy in Chennai. These modern healing techniques are less reliant on medicinal intake and therapeutic procedures and more on touch, energy flow and the flow of prana or breathing control in a living body.  Mr. Praveen Saanker have endeavoured to do in-depth research and bring in experienced experts from all over the world in all these therapeutic methods for training and treating ailments through the CbrtIndia Academy in Chennai.

The most respected promoters of the TATVAMASI  Academy, Praveen Saanker have gone into the nuances of other variable and new innovative treatments for the mental and physical ailments namely, Hypnotic Therapy, Energy Healing, Kundalini Jagran, Chakra therapy etc. along with Past life regression. As a matter of fact, regression and hypnosis has got a lot of mention in Pathanjili’s, the father of Ayurveda, where he talks in detail about the subconscious (also mentioned as “Chitta”) which he says hold the keys to all your mental and physical ailments.  Past life regression is an advanced method of hypnotic therapy where with the right kind of suggestions, a person can be taken back to his/ her past life and lets him/ her identify the root of all the present life problems to a significant extent.

It takes committed and educated individual to take it upon themselves in offering courses and training in such off-beat, though proven methods of healing therapy in Chennai. This is the painstaking groundwork of the most committed academy in Chennai, which can help you to identify the historical knowledge for the sake of betterment of the suffering individuals through identification of their past, and co-relate with their present and hence to get the best treatment for their ailments with a systematic healing procedure.

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