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Interacting The Past Life Regression With Hypnotherapy Could Be The Road To Balance Of Mind

The very first reaction that is commonly seen on hearing about hypnotism is fear and apprehension. A majority of people wouldn’t want to get hypnotised if given a chance because they tend to associate it with some sinister proposition which they might think is harmful for their mind. There have been suggestions even to such an extent that people might get mentally imbalanced if they go through such a situation.

All of such mindsets have been because of the myriad misconceptions that are doing the rounds and mostly because people who are practising hypnotherapy have not been able to create awareness among the common man. The situation is turning towards positive these days as people try and understand the art of hypnotism in the modern world.

Scientific development and increased research into mystical elements are being taken up by educated people, who are trying to unravel the mysteries of the mind and the subconscious. Nowadays, all those hypnotherapists who are coming out with solu…
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Ancestral Science For Curing Ailments With Psychologists In Chennai

Astronomy is the study of space and especially, the planets and planetary motions.  It has numerous references and connotations in our Vedas where the space is called the “Brahmanda”.  It is from this, that our forefathers started the painstaking process of research on the planetary motions and positions using Vedic mathematics. And you have the science of astrology, which was and is used even to this modern day prevalently in all walks of life as a means of predictive tool for an individual.

Mr. Prakash Menon and his close confidant Mr. Praveen Saanker have partnered in the painstaking research in identifying the best and most experienced of the astrologers and brought out materials on Vedic astrology in the form of books and training through their CBRTINDIA centre.  Vedic Astrology Chennai  has some of the most researched and in-depth training programmes on all the basic astrology devices like Jyothisha,  hora, jatakas (making horoscopes), vastu sastra to mention a few.
The CbrtInd…

How Psychologists In Chennai Helping Vedic Astrology Garner Belief System

Indian astrology is one of the oldest known modalities of future predictions. Emerging from such ideology is a slew of astrological beliefs and psychological therapies, which have been adopted and practised by saints and humans since pre-historic era. But modern world is more about understanding the functions of the universe rather than believing the ideologies. Modern science has been able to corroborate a lot of beliefs and one among these is the science behind Vedic astrology. Taking a step towards such awareness among the masses, is the effort of psychologists in Chennai, who are providing energy healing Chennai along with counselling in Chennai.

Spiritual forces like hypnosis, Reiki, healing therapy or energy healing, past life regression and such other powers are heard by many people. Some of these have the belief in them but those who are seeking further answers to believe these ideologies, first need to become aware about the dynamics of Vedic astrology and science. Then only…

Teaching Hypnotherapy In Chennai - Hypnotherapist in Chennai

Rarely have there been such volumes of attention towards the power of metaphysical consciousness and the search for answers through intervention of Vedic and divine knowledge. Although, people had the knowledge of paranormal and clairvoyance since ages, the practical application of Vedic sciences was seldom practised through the acts. There have been anecdotes though, of people who could heal with their psychic powers and could induce past life regression therapies for some, body and mind diseases.

However, the thing, which was lacking in such practices, was the thorough knowledge and research based explanations of such rituals. It was more about keeping the secrets of hypnotherapy within the community of sages and sadhus, who practised this art of clairvoyance and psychic readings. However, in the modern day, since the late 20th century, metaphysical and Vedic proponents like Mr. Praveen Saanker, have added an entirely new facet to the therapies using hypnosis, psychic readings, met…

Strengthening Concepts Of Hypnotherapy And Vedic Astrology Chennai In 3 Directions - Psychologist in Chennai

Variety of spiritual powers have manifested in the ancient world and sometimes even in modern day society. There have been occurrences, which are hard to believe but nonetheless are existent. People usually label them as inexplicable supernatural behaviours but still explanations are sought from different sources. Mostly commonly, Indian astrology is a strong support for helping people with these supernatural expressions or occurrences. To a large extent, ideologies of hypnotherapy, chakras therapy, Reiki, past life regression, etc are being practised and shown to the public that there does exist a super power, which explains the occurrences.

Vedic astrology Chennai has been propagated by a few psychologists in Chennai; prominent among them being Mr Praveen Saanker and Mr Prakash Menon. Their efforts have been done in multiple ways for getting an increased awareness and helping people out in their troubles by using hypnosis therapy for treatment purposes. By trying out various means …